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Planet Desert, one of our clients, initially sought our expertise in data entry services. Impressed by our professionalism and commitment, Planet Desert decided to collaborate further with us for website and SEO solutions.



June 14, 2022


Data Entry | SEO | Content Writing

What We Did

Website Solution

Recognizing the need to enhance its online presence, Planet Desert approached us for a comprehensive website solution. Our team worked closely with Planet Desert to revamp the entire layout, resulting in an improved user experience and customer satisfaction. New features were seamlessly integrated, enhancing the website’s functionality and simplifying product management.

Reviews Management

To ensure prompt updates, we implemented an efficient review management system. As reviews arrived, our team swiftly checked and updated them on the website, fostering trust and credibility among visitors.

SEO Solution

Understanding the importance of organic visibility, Zeweb Media developed a tailored SEO strategy for Planet Desert. We created engaging blogs and optimized product descriptions, effectively boosting search engine rankings. Additionally, we focused on building strong backlinks and citations, further amplifying Planet Desert’s online presence.

Benefits & Conclusion​

The collaboration with Zeweb Media brought numerous benefits to Planet Desert. The improved website experience resulted in reduced bounce rates and increased traffic. The implementation of effective SEO strategies led to improved search engine rankings, resulting in higher organic visibility. As a result, Planet Desert experienced a significant boost in revenue and witnessed an overall improvement in customer satisfaction.

Zeweb Media’s comprehensive solutions played a pivotal role in transforming Planet Desert’s online presence. Through diligent website development, reviews management, and strategic SEO implementation, Zeweb Media successfully propelled Planet Desert to new heights. The collaborative effort between the two entities not only improved business performance but also enhanced customer experience, solidifying Zeweb Media’s position as a trusted partner in digital solutions.