Case Study 2: Bonapeda

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Bonapeda, a valued client of Zeweb Media, sought our assistance initially for data entry and virtual assistance. Recognizing the client’s need for a streamlined and efficient approach, Zeweb Media offered a one-stop solution to address all their requirements.



June 14, 2022


Data Entry | SEO | Content Writing

What We Did

Efficient Project Management

Understanding Bonapeda’s preference for a single point of contact, we assigned a dedicated project manager who handled all aspects of the project. This streamlined communication and eliminated the need for Bonapeda to engage with multiple team members. The client’s dedicated project manager became the primary point of contact (POC), easing the burden and making the work process more productive.

Order Management and Increased Productivity

 To alleviate the client’s workload, Zeweb Media implemented efficient order management. We received PDF order forms and promptly entered them into the website, reducing the client’s administrative tasks and allowing them to focus more on their core business activities. This resulted in increased productivity and overall business growth.

Data Entry and Website Improvement

Zeweb Media began by managing Bonapeda’s invoices and swiftly moved on to work on their website. We updated and improved website images, ensuring a visually appealing online presence. As the collaboration progressed, we expanded our services to include content writing. Our expert content writers crafted engaging blogs that not only enhanced Bonapeda’s online presence but also attracted new clients.

Email Marketing and Lead Management

Recognizing the importance of effective email marketing, the project manager trained himself on the Zoho email platform for seamless client operations. The project manager took charge of creating lead lists, setting up campaigns, testing, and scheduling. Zeweb Media expertly managed all leads and prospects, utilizing Excel sheet management and creating specialized lists for targeted email campaigns.

Benefits & Conclusion​

By providing a one-stop solution, we have empowered Bonapeda to streamline its operations and concentrate on business expansion. The dedicated project manager ensured effective communication and coordination throughout the collaboration. Bonapeda experienced increased productivity, as their manager could devote more time to strategic business decisions rather than administrative tasks. With Zeweb Media’s comprehensive solutions, Bonapeda attracted new clients, leading to enhanced business opportunities and overall success.

Zeweb Media’s comprehensive solutions transformed Bonapeda’s operations, enabling them to focus on core business activities. By providing a seamless one-stop solution and assigning a dedicated project manager, we streamlined processes, managed data entry, improved the website, implemented email marketing, and enhanced lead management. The result was increased productivity, improved customer engagement, and overall business growth for Bonapeda. Through its trusted partnership with Zeweb Media, Bonapeda achieved its goals and gained a competitive edge in the market.